10 Benefits of Aloe Vera

You probably know that cutting a leaf from an aloe vera plant is the best treatment for mild burns.

However, aloe gel in stores usually isn’t pure and can contain chemicals and dyes that do the opposite of what you want.

Check out these other surprising benefits of aloe:

Treating minor burns is the main use for aloe plants. You only need to cut off the tip of a leaf to get enough juice for a burn.
• You’ll need more aloe juice for mild sunburn, but a little goes a long way.
• Aloe vera juice is frequently used as part of a regimen for revitalizing natural hair.
• Ashy elbows and knees will benefit from regular applications of aloe gel.
• Treating your heels and toes with aloe is like a daily mini pedicure.
• Smearing aloe on unpeeled fruits and veggies helps them stay fresh.
• Aloe can ease gum problems.
• Turn down the itch of mosquito bites with a fresh aloe application.
• Aloe is a great alternative to antibacterial creams if you have allergies to over the counter products.
• Aloe is a succulent. It requires little care, beautifies your decor and keeps skin and hair healthy.

Aloe plants make great housewarming gifts. Pick up one for yourself and a friend.

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