ca drought status 2018Wouldn’t it be great to know California’s projected 2018 drought status when you start planning your landscaping and garden?

That information is already becoming available through forecasts based on 2017 drought conditions.

This blog will help you understand projected weather forecasts for the state of California, focusing on the Pismo Beach area.

Knowing now what your drought status may be in July allows you to make the best landscaping decisions.

Drought Probable for Areas of California in 2018

U.S. government scientists and meteorologists are predicting a high probability of drought for Southern California this year.

Northern California will likely not be affected by significant drought. Southern California has received almost no rain since last October.

Lack of significant rainfall is expected to continue through early spring. Central California will also be affected by drought in 2018.

Planning for a Beautiful Yard Despite Drought

Your landscaper can provide you with a wide variety of drought tolerant plants, including:

• Flowering plants
• Shrubs
• Native grasses
• Succulents

A pro can flesh out your landscaping with features like hardscapes. Hardscapes can be both functional and decorative.

Pathways, retaining walls and patios are hardscapes.

If you live in the southernmost part of California, combining a rock garden with drought resistant plants is an excellent choice for your 2018 decorative garden.

Things to Do Today

Now is the best time to set up an appointment with your landscaper so that you can get a jump on preparing your lawn for drought conditions throughout the spring and summer. The first things your landscaper will do are:

• Irrigation system maintenance and repair
• Water element inspection and repair
• Safety checks on retaining walls
• A health survey of trees on your property

Repair and maintenance of sprinkler systems and waterfalls is essential to keeping your water usage at acceptable levels during the 2018 drought.

Landscapers will be booked up soon due to the continuing drought, so make an early appointment.

Effects of the Forecasted Drought on California Gardeners

Farmers and home gardeners always struggle during severe droughts and early freezes.

Fruit trees are the first food-producing plants people think of during Southern California droughts.

Make sure that your trees are healthy now so you’ll have homegrown citrus fruits this summer.

Don’t give up on your kitchen garden plans.

There are many low water vegetable varieties that you can grow.

Some popular low water vegetables are:

• Mini sweet/bell peppers
• Eggplant
• Greens
• Swiss chard

If you plan to grow tomatoes this year, we recommend container gardening.

Cherry, grape, plum and Roma tomatoes are great choices for large planters.

Some herbs, like basil, flourish in full sun and don’t require much water.

Other drought tolerant herbs are rosemary, sage and savory.

Herbs that need extra care should do well in pots at the edge of a shaded patio.

We suggest clay pots for any potted plant to reduce both excess heat and root or bulb rot.

Things to Remember:
• Start landscaping planning now to beat the heat
• Maintain irrigation systems for responsible water usage
• Choose low water decorative plants and vegetables

We are booking appointments for 2018 spring and summer landscaping. Contact us today for your consultation.