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Hardscape Landscaping Pismo Beach

At Evergreen Landscape we create form and function that lasts a lifetime. Hardscape features such as patios, walkways and retaining walls create a backbone for your outdoor landscape. When you enter a well-designed space, it is the walkways, walls, patios and garden structures that bring form to showcase your beautiful landscaping. At Evergreen, we are a hardscape and landscaping contractor specializing in stone from patios, stone walkways, outdoor kitchen areas and other decorative and functional stonework.

A successful hardscape design will do more than serve as a functional outdoor space. With our team of licensed and insured hardscape design and installation professionals you can turn your ordinary residential or commercial property into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Using materials such as pavers, bricks, natural stone, decorative rock, and more, with your guidance we can create a hardscape landscaping design that you will enjoy year after year while adding great value to your residential or commercial property.


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Attention to detail is a key factor in creating the foundation of your outdoor space. A garden’s hardscape must be carefully planned and installed. Selection of quality materials, along with texture, color, and pattern designs will lend year round visual interest. Walkways, retaining walls and patios are all part of our design services.

Residential and Commercial Pismo Beachand Landscaping Services

Below is a complete list of services that we provide for your residential or commercial properties:

Landscape Design (Commercial/Residential)
Hardscape Retaining Walls
Hardscape Patios
Hardscape Installation Services

Add stylish touches to your outdoor space with these landscaping ideas using stone. Please click here to view some of our most recent hardscape transformations.

We offer complimentary hardscape consultations that can help clarify your thoughts and landscape needs. We’ll be happy to walk you through the possibilities of what your property can be and the relative costs and time line.