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Artificial Turf – Low Maintenance Lawns

Eliminating a major expense such as watering and maintaining a lawn is a unique opportunity that literally pays for itself. Rising costs of watering your lawn and fueling lawn maintenance equipment make it difficult to keep your lawn looking its best. Now is the time to take advantage of all of the benefits synthetic lawns have to offer. With a synthetic lawn you will save money on your maintenance costs and you may even be eligible for a rebate from your local water authority.

You can enjoy a low maintenance landscape while providing beautiful, earth-friendly landscape solution to help you do your part for the environment. Lead free synthetic turf products are safe for both humans and animals and ideal for residential and commercial landscapes, pets and sports fields. These products have passed vigorous tests and far exceed government standards. Product lines range from 40 oz. to 102 oz. (face weight) with variable color shade selections. The artificial turf has a 10-year warranty (turf only) with a 20-25 year projected life under normal use.



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Artificial Turf Facts


Synthetic lawns can easily take direct sunlight without damage providing that there is no strong reflection or sun magnification. Artificial turf comes in wide variety of looks and various materials that are engineered for virtually all types of use. Many are used for landscapes, putting greens, pet turf and sports fields. The turf does not retain heat in the shade or darkness.

Maintenance of Artificial Turf

Turf should be rinsed and groomed periodically. The frequency of cleaning should be determined by the activity level. For example, if your synthetic grass is subject to animals or pets it should be rinsed more often. For excessive debris or leaf clean up, we suggest the use of a power blower. To properly clean use a stiff bristle broom or rake to groom the fibers. This will help prevent matting and maintain the appearance. If the turf is not groomed regularly, we suggest you have it groomed professionally.

Every two to three years an extensive maintenance service should be performed. This requires installing additional sand, use of a power broom and turf inspection for heavy traffic areas.

Cleaning turf can be easy, simply rinse with water as needed. With pets pick up solid waste and any residue can be sprayed clean.

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