How can you transform your Pismo Beach property into a winter wonderland for the New Year? It’s easy when you combine tasteful holiday decor with your existing landscaping.

winter wonderland landscaping ideas

Elements of Winter

What makes you think of winter, no matter your climate? The basics of a winter theme include:

• Snow
• Winter plants
• Color combinations
• Lighting
• Inside decor

Instead of filling your yard with out-of-date, oversized decorations, weave elegant decor elements through your landscaping and onto your porch and patio for a look that will enchant your family and friends.

Creating Winter in Your California Yard

You may already have some white flowering plants that bloom in winter. If not, your landscaper can either add some to your yard or provide you with potted plants. Potted flowers are a good choice for holiday decorating because you can place them anywhere you like.

Jade Plant is a succulent with masses of little white flowers resembling snowflakes. Jade Plant starts blooming in December.

jade plant

Cyclamen is best known for its pink to lavender palette, but it’s also available in white and looks great in large planters.


White, silver and blue convey a cool impression. Use white and blue strings of lights around your door. You can also light up large shrubs or small trees. Remember with lights, less is more. Your guests will appreciate a pleasant touch of cool color more than a blaze of lighting outlining your house.

Instead of lighting up the house, light up the garden. Glowing globes hanging from your trees will create a fantasy atmosphere.

Silver and blue wreaths can be traditional or modern. Whatever style you prefer, the colors will add to your wintry atmosphere.


Holiday yard decor detracts from your landscaping and lighting. Consider taking your lawn colors into the house with decorations that enhance your winter theme.

Spiral tree decorations in clear plastic or crystal resemble icicles. Snowflake decorations are a must. Silver, blue and white glass balls continue the dreamy winter vibe. If you’ve taken down your tree or didn’t put up a tree, you can hang decorations from your mantel or even from potted trees. Green garland wrapped around your stair banisters adds an authentic winter element and keeps your whites and blues from becoming overwhelming. Garland is also a great way to display ornaments.

Traditional or Modern Decor?

If your home is traditional, we recommend plants like Poinsettias. Poinsettias come in red and ivory. A basket looks great in a traditional setting. A white ceramic pot is perfect for a modern setting. White Orchids are perfect for a modern home.

Small potted Evergreens are classic holiday decorations and, depending on the type of tree, bring the fragrance of the forest into your home. You can plant them in your yard after the holidays. Your landscaper can help you select the perfect Evergreen.

Things to Remember:
• Cool colors evoke the spirit of winter
• Modern, understated lighting is flattering
• Potted winter plants inside and out complete the winter atmosphere

Ring in the New Year in a beautiful winter wonderland. Call us today for plants and landscaping planning.